Wide Survivor

Weight Disk: Wide Survivor

Weight: 12.4g

    • Light, almost perfectly round, and with the widest weight distribution of any Weight Disk, Wide Survivor has an excellent profile for spin stealing.

    • Light Weight does mean it suffers defensively and in same-spin stamina, and the heavier weight of Wide Defense means it is only equal best in setups that don't make Weight Disk contact with the stadium floor.

    • Compared to Wide Defense, it has worse same-spin Stamina and Defense, but markedly better opposite-spin Stamina, making it a better but more risky and less practical Spin-Stealing part.

    • Wide weight distribution is very good for movement speed and thus attack, but the light weight means it cannot handle recoil well, so Wide Defense and Ten Wide are often better choices.

    • However, it is notable for parts like Triple Tiger, which tend to perform well with faster, lighter combinations to a degree.

    • Usable for Circle Survivor Defense, however its light weight means it is not preferred as it does not impart as much inertia to the top part of the Beyblade which is key to how they succeed, and as such it is not the optimal choice.

    • Competitive for Defensive Zombies, however the lighter weight generally makes for too great a trade off compared to Wide Defense's weight and there is generally little to no benefit.

    • Has very good LAD, which is useful with combinations where the base may not contribute due to size or height, such as Customize Gear (Free Shaft Version) Zombies.

Releases including this part

  • #12 Spark Disk (2x, with optional Flints and Spark Paper for conversion into Spark Disk.)

  • Standalone tournament packet (1x Wide Survivor)

  • Three WD special set alongside Eight Heavy and Wide Defense, red plated.

  • Various special editions and Random Boosters