Dranzer Auto Change Balancer

  • AKA: Auto Change Balancer (Hasbro), Dranzer A.C.B (Spin Up Book 1), ACB (Fan), Dranzer ACB (Fan)

Attack Ring: Wing Cutter

Weight: 2.7g (Mold 1) | 3.2g (Mold 2)

    • Right Spin Only

    • Four winged AR with thin, fragile connections in Mold 1, more durable in the Mold 2 design due to extensive reinforcement which also adds weight.

    • Well balanced, but suffers a fair amount of recoil due to the trails of the wings protruding out from the Weight Disk

    • Not well designed for attack, with contact points poorly exposed and angled too inward to be effective.

    • Overall not very useful, can be used on Right Spin Zombies but is heavily outclassed even here, such as by Wing Cross, Bound Defense Ring and Roller Defense Ring, especially as the recoil is hugely detrimental to Spiral Change Base, perhaps the primary choice for this type.

Mold Difference:

  • Hasbro's release of Wing Cutter is heavily reinforced, making it significantly more sturdy. It still has some issues with the thin centre ring, but is much better than the original. The performance difference is minimal aside from breakage reduction.

Weight Disk: Balance

Weight: 14.1g

  • Light weight and unremarkable weight distribution.

  • Large points and wider shape lead to recoil concerns if it is hit, primarily relevant against lower opponents.

  • Heavily outclassed by later Weight Disks.

  • No competitive use.

Blade Base: Auto Change Base

Weight: 8.5g

    • Gimmick has it change from a Wide, Flat tip to a sharp tip when AR is hit hard enough

    • Somewhat awkwardly designed with a gimmick based around rotating the spin gear with a spring and position locks.

    • Has some LAD, but not fantastic

    • Would be an okay attack base if gimmick didn't mean it only gets one solid hit to KO things, also somewhat hard to control

    • Can be used in sharp mode from start of battle, poor balance is an issue but overall not too horrible for this, just outclassed by most other things.

    • Generally outclassed and not worth using.


  • With few relevant parts, Dranzer Auto Change Balancer is generally only worth buying for collection or the gimmick (which is quite unusual in its execution, being too "weird" for later releases).