Ark Pyramid

Attack Ring: Ark Pyramid

Weight: 5.2g total

  • Triangular AR and Sub AR combination.

Core AR: Ark Pyramid

Weight: 4.0g

  • Three-Pointed AR with some usable contact points in Right and very little to work with in Left.

  • In Right Spin, it has competent but not particularly powerful Smash Attack.

  • Excessive recoil for Defense/Stamina in either spin direction.

  • No offensive ability in Left Spin.

  • Overall, not a competitive part, but more usable than the first glance might suggest.

Sub AR: Ark Pyramid SAR

Weight: 1.2g

  • Triangular protrusions add too much recoil for most Core ARs

  • Only useful with Dark Wing, as it stays out of the way quite well and doesn't disrupt the weight distribution, making it technically a competitive part - however Dark Wing comes with its own equally effective Sub AR for this purpose, making this somewhat niche.

  • Can be used with SG Wing Base to work with three-sided ARs, again being roughly comparable to Dark Wing SAR, but this usage is generally outclassed and the SAR can still scrape on the stadium floor.

Beyblades including this part