SG Grip Change Base Tip

Weight: 0.24g

    • Unique rubber for the series (somewhat similar to HMS's Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Version)).

    • Rubber is a little hard at first, but generally very effective at gripping the dish.

    • Two tips - Sharp for Defense Mode, Flat for Attack Mode (very similar to both surfaces of Defense Grip Base's Tip).

    • When used in SG Grip Change Base, needs to be used with a Neo SG Core as the Rubber Sharp tip does not fit inside a Regular SG Core Part's opening.

    • More commonly used in the casings of SG (Bearing Version 2), which is considered legal usage of the part, as this is less fragile. This results in a shorter height which can help against some opponents but makes the setup less effective against Circle Survivor Defense. This also precludes the use of Neo Cores, most notably a Heavy Metal Core. This is nonetheless an excellent competitive choice.

    • However, while fragile to the point of not being practical for use in a tournament thanks to extreme fragility issues with its plastic, SG Grip Change Base allows for a height that makes it perhaps the best counter to Circle Survivor Defense - it does hold a unique place in the metagame which is unfortunately largely a void due to its fragility. In the scope of the metagame, putting fragility aside, this is arguably the most effective Attack Blade Base in the game, but unfortunately in reality it may as well not exist.

Attack Mode:

    • One of the fastest tips in plastic: on par with Defense Grip Base (tip inverted), though it wears slightly faster. Faster than Grip Base when slide shot (Grip Base Stalls at higher speed than either, but has poorer recoil control and stalls too easily), with as much controllability as one could ask for at that speed (a good plastics attack user should only take a couple launches to adapt, maybe none at all if they're used to Defense Grip Base already).

    • Initially the rubber is slightly hard, but after a bit of usage it becomes grippier and has exceptional recoil control for an attack tip due to high grip, making it one of two tips suitable for Hyper Aggressive Attack setups, alongside Defense Grip Base, generally being the more capable with rotational recoil. This makes it an excellent choice with the likes of Hayate Attack Ring and a must-have for Scissors Arm if trying to use it competitively.

    • Due to high grip and recoil control, tends to put more stress on other parts (in addition to its high speed), which can cause more damage to Attack Rings. Generally this isn't an issue unless a part already has serious fragility issues, though parts with crippling rotational recoil even on this tip are also probably best avoided (personal experience with Cybernetic Dragon bending out of shape and being rotated past the threading of the SG after impact with a very heavy opponent).

    • While an incredible part, it's rarity, price and fast wear, alongside how closely matched Defense Grip Base is means the latter is a much more practical option, even for Attack fanatics.

Defense Mode:

    • Very similar to Defense Grip Base, slightly taller but compatible with less recoil-prone bases (though only in its own fragile base can it be used with an HMC)

    • Much like Defense Grip Base, it takes hits exceptionally well, better in Same-Spin than Opposite, but can be outspun by less aggressive Attack Types such as those on Customize Grip Base Tip. It does have better LAD and lower recoil than Defense Grip Base however.

    • With access to lower recoil Blade Bases it would then be fantastic - were it not unable to use a Heavy Metal Core without a Base that shatters if you look at it the wrong way (or take it out of the packaging the wrong way...)

    • Unfortunately without access to an HMC it is not a competitive part - which makes our current reflection of the original metagame somewhat distorted.

    • In theory a very competitive part. In practice, it doesn't work out due to external factors.

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