Gigantic Claw

Attack Ring: Gigantic Claw

Weight: 6.6g

    • Large, aggressively designed Attack Ring.

Right Spin:

    • Has some smash, but poor shape and obstructed contact points limit its ability, while various protrusions create large amounts of recoil and the sides of the slopes leave a lot of dead area with no Smash on contact, making Gigantic Claw less than ideal for pure Smash Attack.

    • Slopes are designed to produce Upper Attack in this direction, and despite their somewhat awkward angle and lack of exposure, the significant Upward Smash as well as decent Upper Attack they produced, combined with the Smash Attack the AR does muster make Gigantic Claw a strong choice for Traditional Upper Attack.

    • Aggressive shape prevents use for Spin Stealing Upper Attack.

    • A top tier Upper Attack part now that Storm Grip Base Tip Inversion is legal.

Left Spin:

    • Underside slopes designed to produce Force Smash in this direction

    • Like most AR's of this intent, the aggressive shape of the contact points prevents this, instead creating significant upward recoil in addition to the recoil the design already produces.

    • Side of slopes are again dead areas, making it very inconsistent for Smash.

    • Not useful.

Beyblades including this part