Left Engine Gear (Metal Semi-Flat)

Weight: 10.9g

    • More of a small flat tip rather than Semi-Flat, as the edges aren't bevelled.

    • Moderately aggressive movement, but not all that much.

    • The Engine Gear gimmick does very little of use - if it activates early it breaks flower pattern and sometimes self-KO's.

    • You're usually better off not winding the SG as it lacks any grip to really benefit from the rotation or any speed that it does have the traction to produce, rendering it an excessively tall attack setup.

    • Being Left Spin means it has no overhanging ARs and coupled with a lack of a Final Clutch Blade Base that is able to effectively hit opponents this means it is not useful with Final Clutch bases, which would generally be a better choice.

    • A lack of AR's that can compensate for its height due to it being Left Spin further worsens any hope of usability of this part.

Beyblades including this part