Strike Turtle

Attack Ring: Strike Turtle

Weight: 4.8g

Right Spin:

    • Some Smash in this direction from the ends of the various segments of the AR, though the rounded shape of these limits their efficacy and the most exposed contact points at the end of these aren't very well angled, creating some recoil.

    • Too much recoil for Defense or Stamina in this direction.

    • Overall a slightly above average Smash AR but not competitive by any means. Nonetheless one of the better main-line Draciel ARs by merit of having anything even vaguely resembling usability.

Left Spin:

    • Still has some Smash Attack with one somewhat sharper contact point on the leading edge in this direction.

    • Less Smash than Right Spin however, and still too much recoil for Defense or Stamina

    • Overall not useful in this spin direction.