Hayate Base (Hasbro)

Note: The name of this part is unconfirmed.

Weight: 6.7g

    • Generally flat bottomed, this version has no cylinders extending downward thus has a truly flat bottom. AR and WD both clip onto it rather than the AR screwing on as in normal Beyblades.

    • Only compatible with Weight Ring.

    • Tip is a sharp tip used as tip of figurine's tail (and also some kind of crystal in Bakutenryu Zeo and Bakutenryu Aveiron's figurines).

    • Lack of downward protrusions only makes a meagre difference and this is still an awful part, albeit less awful than the Takara Version.

    • Poor stability, poor LAD, no aggression, and inability to use good parts mean it is a useless part, and the clip on nature combine to make this a spectacularly awful part.

    • Nonetheless, it was used by Mexico's World Championship winner alongside Tiger Defenser, proving that you should never give up on your dreams no matter how bad you are at something.

    • Still not as bad as Jumping Base (Trygle), and marginally better than Takara's Hayate Base.

Beyblades including this part