5-In-1 Arcade Challenge Main Unit

Number of Gear Teeth: 12 (with 2mm pitch)
Number of Rotations (BeyUltimate Winder):
Direction: Left

The Hasbro version of the BeyUltimate Shooter, which only comes in a Left Spin Dragoon version. However, Hasbro released this device with Tiger Electronics and replaced the trigger switch with a very nice, clicky one and... Replaced the prongs with a ridged plastic plate to prevent attaching Beyblades. The reason for this is unknown, however even the S-shaped gear underneath the prongs is still in place, so swapping the plate out for prongs converts the launcher into a regular BeyUltimate.

This launcher alongside the BeyUltimate Shooter and Bey Max Shooter uses a different ripcord to the standard EZShooter so while the gear has more teeth than other launchers, the smaller tooth pitch of the ripcord (resulting in a smaller gear, roughly equivalent to an 8-tooth gear like the Power Shooter), the ripcord length, smooth launch and minimal skipping allow these launchers to be launched much harder than a regular EZShooter, giving them perhaps the highest potential power of all launchers from the generation.

However, they are very large, bulky, and use exclusive ripcords, and require an under-hand grip on the ripcord for full strength which takes some getting used to. These factors along with the sheer power on tap can make it a little too easy to Self-KO with fast rubber tips like Defense Grip Base or Storm Grip Base in their inverted tip modes, but the RPM boost on somewhat slower combos and stamina is a nice advantage to have.

In addition, this launcher alongside the Dragoon versions of the BeyUltimate Shooter are some of the few Left Spin launchers which are more powerful than standard, and the other one, the Dragoon Shooter DX, has issues which bring it only slightly above the regular Neo Reverse Shooter.

Overall, a somewhat awkward launcher that rewards practice and launch strength (and a little tinkering) with the highest power output in the game.