Cross Griffon (Hasbro)

Weight: 5.7g

  • Hasbro version of Cross Griffon with poles mounted on the Attack Ring.

Right Spin:

    • Four well angled contact points with good reach and excellent focus due to their sharp tips.

    • However the Hasbro version adds four poles to the top of the AR, which create massive recoil (especially against taller opponents), resulting in the AR being outclassed and unable to capitalise on its ability to knock the wind out of some opposing combinations as it tends to suffer recoil from them as both Beyblades begin to tilt, which creates contact with the poles,

    • Still able to damage opponents and stadium walls, still painful to pick up while spinning - and now it even hurts if you try to push down on it from above to stop it - genius!

    • Poles break easily.

Left Spin:

    • Fairly heavy recoil from the AR and even more from the Poles.

    • Not enough power to justify using given the recoil as it is only middling at best.

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