Fire Cracker (Hasbro)

Hasbro version of Fire Cracker with poles moved to the AR and plastic filling the side gaps to support them.

Attack Ring: Fire Cracker (Hasbro)

Weight: 5.0g

    • Oval-shaped AR with rounded sides, with large gaps and large head protrusions at either end.

    • Too recoil prone for Stamina or Defense due to its protrusions.

  • Hasbro's release of Fire Cracker has plastic in the gaps at either end of the bit chip to support the move of two small poles from the BB to the AR.

  • The poles are smaller and in a much less obnoxious position than the other ARs this was done to, both of which suffer for theirs through recoil or breakage.

  • The reinforcements to fill the gaps slightly reduce the offensive power of the Attack Ring, which is the only thing it is good for, and as such the Hasbro version is even less useful than the Takara version. It is however much sturdier as a result.

  • Rounded sides make it less consistent than Square Edge despite vaguely similar shapes.

  • Head protrusions which are some of the primary contact points are raised, which can make it more effective than many options against Circle Survivor Defense, but mean it struggles terribly with shorter opponents, being largely ineffectual against compacts. Overall, alternatives such as Square Edge are more consistent, and for raised contact points, Mountain Hammer is a safer bet.

  • Nonetheless an option on Attackers using SG (Bearing Version 2) setups, but generally Mountain Hammer is a more reliable choice. In addition these tend to be outclassed by more powerful Smash Attack combos anyway. In addition, the Takara version tends to be more effective as the lower aggression of the Hasbro version tends to be a negative. Nonetheless the two are fairly similar.

  • Overall not great, but with a few niche uses. It is nonetheless the worst of the "Hidden Spirit" ARs.

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