Bit Chip Figure/Power Spirits Bit Chip

The legality of this part is untested - it is not currently explicitly banned by the World Beyblade Organisation, and currently presumed legal. Check with your judge just in case.


Weight: 3.59g

  • From the Takara Bit Figure Collection Figurines (Products B-1 through B-4), and the Hasbro Power Spirits 4-Pack.

  • The second heaviest Bit Chip, being around the weight of a Metal Bit Chip but without the addition of a Bit Chip Cover.

  • Has a pole for figurine attachment in a surrounded by a metal plate, on a long bit chip body made of rubber.

  • Able to slot into a Regular SG Core Part, SG (Auto Change Version) or Heavy Metal Core when inverted, as well as SG (G Ball) with the Ball removed, which are the only options to attach it to a launcher. Cannot be used with anything that blocks the centre of the Spin Gear, including Neo SG Cores.

  • Overall a good choice for any customisation which would want to use a Heavy Metal Core as well as potentially some Attack Combinations which benefit from increased rotational recoil control, such as those using Square Edge or other rotational-smash heavy Attack Rings.

  • While thought to be outclassed by the (exceedingly rare) Metal Bit Chip, it comes with the very important advantage of not being restricted by damage to the small bit chip retention tabs, which happens very quickly on Attack and Defense type combinations using Short Bit Chips (and especially the Metal Bit Chip). As such, it becomes a very viable option not just for the sake of being more accessible, but also by actually being usable on most competitive bladers parts.

  • In addition, as it puts some weight down lower in the Beyblade due to its shaft rather than sitting it all at the very top, alongside the lighter weight it tends to perform better for Stability and Survival than the Metal Bit Chip at the cost of a small amount of defense, often being more viable competitively given this trade-off.

  • Overall, a very practical and beneficial option and very much worth picking up for the competitive Blader. While it does not make or break any combinations, its benefits to both Attack and Defense make it a great purchase - especially if you can get a decent price on the Hasbro 4-pack.


Hasbro version has small branding notes on this side