Twin Guard

Support Parts: Twin Guard

Weight: 1.71g

  • Thinner than other Single Part SP, which means it is the only one that can be used upside down, to attack in left spin, though the mediocre LAD this produces in either spin direction means it still does not allow Twin Guard to be an effective survival SP in Right Spin.

  • In addition to this, SP on Attack setups are generally used for their weight distribution aspects rather than their aggression, meaning inverting the SP when used in Left Spin Attackers is rarely worthwhile.

  • Wings let it provide some smash, but it suffers from more recoil than Survivor Ring or Cross Survivor.

  • Survivor Ring offers more power, Cross Survivor is weaker but improves attackers weight distribution more (especially as Twin Guard is remarkably lightweight), though Twin Guard is still an option for attack rings with poorer reach, though the improvement compared to Defense Ring is minimal.

  • Between its price and recoil, Cross Survivor and Defense Ring are generally preferred over it on the setups it can be used in, but it is still an effective choice for Attack types in Right Spin.

  • Generally, SP are used for their weight distribution aspects rather than their aggression, meaning inverting the SP does not provide noticeable improvement in performance on Left Spin Attackers

  • Wings interrupt LAD and cause some recoil for survival/defense types in Right Spin, and Twin Guard should not be used for those types in this direction (though it is still better than any two-part SP for this purpose).

  • LAD in Left Spin is good, but generally Survivor Ring, Cross Survivor and Defense Ring are all at least slightly better.

  • Defense in Left Spin is okay, but the wings mean Defense Ring is a better choice, and in addition to this, Twin Guard's thinner design means Cross Survivor is also a better choice as it adds a buffer of plastic to reduce recoil. Overall, while it is still a fairly effective part for Left Spin Defense types, the two aforementioned parts are preferred.

Beyblades including this part