Viper Metal Ball Base

Weight: 8.2g

  • The first relatively lightweight Draciel Base, Viper Metal Ball Base uses smaller, non-removable Metal Balls and a relatively thin design instead of the bulk of its predecessors

  • Uses a somewhat free spinning small Metal Ball for a tip, which is connected to the SG by a metal pole which sits in contact with it, designed to transfer magnetic energy from a Magnecore to the Ball.

  • Using a Magnecore prevents the balls moving outwards as in previous Draciel Blade Bases, but this has very little effect on performance as they have a very limited range of motion and a very light weight anyhow, making them more for form than for function.

  • Poor stability and defense, relatively little aggression and middling survival ability makes for a remarkably mediocre Blade Base

  • The recoil-prone shape combined with the overall profile of the Base result in a severe susceptibility to low attackers.

  • LAD is passable if only because it is tall and small enough for the Weight Disk to do most of the work. However, because its poor stability makes it topple so early this is of no real use.

  • Overall a totally useless part.