SG Grip Base Tip

Weight: 2.74g

  • Relatively hard rubber tip (similar consistency to Customize Grip Base Tip) with a non-magnetic metal centre and pole extending into the SG, intended to be magnetised by the SG

  • While the tip is slightly narrower, overall performance in both aggression and stamina is similar to Customize Grip Base Tip and therefore they may be used interchangeably.

  • Much like Customize Grip Base Tip, the recoil control is lower than SG Grip Change Base Tip and Defense Grip Base, resulting in a harder time with higher recoil Attack Rings, however it is still usable.

  • Stamina allows it to outspin Grip Defense, and the height in Customize Grip Base allows certain ARs to be used to OS certain Circle Survivor Defense Combos.

  • Notably, this makes it an excellent choice for Force Smash combinations - perhaps the best due to it's ~0.9g weight advantage over Customize Grip Base Tip, which with Customize Grip Base and Defense Ring results in a BB setup just shy of the weight of a fully-loaded SG Metal Ball Base.

  • Only tip other than Volcano Change Base Tip to be compatible with Volcano Change Base. While this is niche (and the legality still unclear), it does allow the use of the Tip with Dranzer V's unique Magnecore without an aggressively designed Base. resulting in a lower overall height than Customize Grip Base. This works well with powerful but lower recoil Smash Attack ARs such as Mountain Hammer.

  • Overall a competitive Attack Tip though it is worth noting that it is best used in Customize Grip Base which already comes with a generally equally effective Tip.

Beyblades including this part:


With SG Grip Base

With Volcano Change Base

With Magnecore (Dranzer V Version)

With Regular Magnecore