"Wing" Sub-Ring

Sub Ring: "Wing" Sub-Ring

Note: Name comes from instructions for Gabriel, and is rather unusually formatted so it may be a descriptor rather than an official name for the part. Gaia Dragoon was the first release, however as Sub Attack Rings generally don't have an individual name (in fact, as evidenced by Great Tiger compared to War Lion, they can alter the overall name for the part), this is the closest thing to an official name the part has (other Sub Attack Ring names are based on the Attack Ring's names, however Wing uniquely appears in multiple).

Weight: 1.5g

  • Softer, more flexible plastic than usual for Beyblade.

  • Achieves the impressive feat of having fairly severe recoil problems despite being free spinning as it is easily used as a lever by opponents hitting from above/below, which is very common due to stadium slopes and the width of the part.

  • Cannot be fixed in place, tests using illegal methods to do so have found no point in doing so anyway, due to recoil and lack of power. War Bear SAR is far superior.

  • 100% style, 0% substance: it's a terrible part - it is truly horrible, and only useful if you really, really want to lose.

  • Worth noting it is different to Great Tiger's Sub-AR, being thicker and slightly differently angled. See below for pictures.

Beyblades including this part


Wing Sub-Ring vs Great Tiger SAR