Double Attacker

Attack Ring: Double Attacker

Weight: 4.3g

Right Spin:

    • One of the most violent Attack Rings of the entire generation, at least on par with Dragon Breaker + Screw Zeus in terms of power, and more effective against Circle Survivor Defense due to the lack of an overhang, but also more prone to wildly flying backwards out of the stadium from recoil.

    • Large, well exposed primary contact points combined with spikes along edges make for consistent hard hits.

    • Does suffer from significant recoil, meaning some caution is required when using it even on combinations with good recoil handling ability.

    • Good but not excessive reach means it works well on bases of all heights, including the rather tall Defense Grip Base (Attack Mode), where it can reach low enough to hit relatively low Defense/Compact combinations without suffering from the destabilization/movement interruption of wider Attack Rings such as Corona Saber.

    • Definitely competitive, but a relatively risky choice.

Left Spin:

    • Somewhat recoil-prone and generally not particularly powerful (at least not enough to justify its recoil) due to a lack of significant contact points.

    • Not worth using in this direction.

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