Dark Wing

Attack Ring: Dark Wing

Weight: 6.4g total

  • Three sided AR with Core AR and similarly shaped Sub AR.

Core AR: Dark Wing

Weight: 4.9g

    • Compatible with most SARs, the primary choices being Dark Wing Sub AR, Ark Pyramid Sub AR and War Lion Sub AR. Most Sub ARs that don't protrude far past the WD will also work acceptably, but as the AR comes with an effective Sub AR on its own there is little reason to use anything else unless this is missing.

    • Dark Wing Sub AR and Ark Pyramid SAR align better, however War Lion Sub AR avoids getting in the way by not protruding past the Weight Disk, which helps with certain match ups. All are roughly equally effective.

    • Left Spin is not useful due to excessive recoil and lack of offensive power.

    • Has very thick contact points that are very slightly too outwardly angled, producing a lot of power but also significant rotational recoil, even for a Hyper Aggro AR.

    • As such, when facing heavy, low recoil opponents, it benefits greatly from a Heavy Metal Core, and even then struggles more than some other powerful Smash ARs with longevity.

    • Elevation of contact points make it somewhat more effective against Circle Survivor Defense than other options, though it has a somewhat harder time with shorter opponents.

    • Overall it is still competitive due to its impressive power against most opponents.

Sub AR: Dark Wing Sub AR

Weight: 1.5g

    • As one of only two three-sided Sub AR's (the other being Ark Pyramid Sub AR), the main use aside from with its own Attack Ring is when using three-sided AR's on SG Wing Base, though this is a rather outclassed setup due to the Base itself, due to the poor LAD even with the best SP, and even in this case Ark Pyramid Sub AR is generally the better choice.


With Ark Pyramid Sub AR

With Ark Pyramid Sub AR