Bearing Gyros Magical Layer

  • AKA: Bearing Gyro Magical Layer

  • Only the Attack Ring (and technically the SG Casings/Metal Weight Ring/Core Part) is legal under World Beyblade Organization Rules and original BBA Rules.

Attack Ring: Gyro Defense

AKA: Bearing Gyros AR, Gyro AR (both incorrect)

Weight: 3.9g

    • Historically reputed for its survival ability due to a fantastic weight distribution and the shape of its outer edges, and indeed produces exceptional solo spin times.

    • However, the gaps between the two halves of the AR and the flat ends of each half result in very high recoil on impact, meaning it finds more use in offensive combinations than survival types.

    • The recoil of the gaps largely limit it to wider Weight Disks, as the recoil they cause when exposed counteracts any use for Compacts or Semi-Flat Base Stamina.

    • The sloped top also results in the Beyblade being pushed downwards by opponents (Force Smashed) and this further exposes the recoil-prone gaps in the AR, which is especially problematic against Circle Survivor Defense on most Zombie tips. These slopes do allow for destabilisation of opponents when used in offensive combinations, however.

    • As such, despite being one of the best ARs for Solo-Spin times, it is a poor choice for Zombies using standard Survival-oriented tips - but due to great chemistry with SG (Full Auto Clutch Version) Shaft, it is nonetheless one of the best Zombie ARs under the right conditions.

Right Spin:

    • The two protrusions on the AR, combined with the weight distribution, make for a top tier Smash Attack AR, albeit with a little more recoil than Triple Wing, for example.

    • However, these protrusions wear down quickly, thus its use cannot be recommended particularly strongly.

    • Sloped surfaces also create some destabilisation of opponents, which can be useful.

    • Too much recoil for other uses (including Spin Stealing Attack or Zombies) in this direction.

Left Spin:

    • Ineffective for Smash Attack in this direction due to lack of well exposed contact points, however the recoil is much lower as the protrusions are rounded in this direction.

    • Does still suffer from heavy recoil if tilted however, and as such is not useful with standard Zombie tips.

    • Highly effective for Spin-Stealing Attack however, due to weight distribution, spin-stealing ability and heavy destabilisation ability in these combinations, even having some amount of Upper Attack-esque ability to lift opponents. This makes it a top-tier if unconventional option for the type in this direction.

    • Through the combination of the stability provided by SG (Full Auto Clutch Version) Shaft being capable of compensating for Gyro Defense's tendency to be Force Smashed by its own design, Customize Grip Base's ability to provide excellent LAD with that Shaft, and the sufficiently low recoil from the rounded protrusions in this direction combined with its offensive properties, Gyro Defense does become one of the best Zombie ARs in the game, with this setup's incredible LAD providing performance on part with conventional Zombies while the AR provides its excellent weight distribution alongside some additional offensive ability for very little trade-off, making one of the strongest spin-stealers in the game.

    • This also results in a highly effective Spin Stealing Attack combination (perhaps best called an "Offensive Zombie") due to weight distribution, spin-stealing ability and heavy destabilisation ability in these combinations, even having some amount of Upper Attack-esque ability to lift opponents. This makes it a top-tier if unconventional option for the type in this direction, and base choice dictates whether it leans towards Attack (Defense Grip Base 2, Customize Bearing Base) or Survival (Customize Grip Base, Full Auto Clutch Base)

    • Overall, an odd but very viable part in this spin direction, clawing its way back out of low tier-2 for Zombies via very specific customizations.

Weight Disk: Gyro Super

AKA: Bearing Gyros WD, Gyro WD (both incorrect)

Weight: 27.2g

    • Ridiculously heavy (in fact, heavier than the total weight of some early Beyblades), completely round, wider than even Wide Survivor, and with all its weight distributed around its perimeter, Gyro Super is in theory more broken than Libra could have dreamt of - to the point a lot of fake beyblades included modified copies of these so they outperformed real ones.

    • Luckily, it has protrusions which block the insertion of the launcher (often reduced on fakes to allow them to be launchable - but not always by enough) and has always been explicitly banned from competitive play.

Spin Gear: Gyro Spin Gear and Gyro Holder: Balance

Weight: 32.0g

    • Includes 1x Metal Bearing and 1x Shielded Ball Bearing (listed as "Free Bearing"). Comes without the tip attached, allowing bearings to be swapped as desired.

    • Standard spin gear casings, weight gear and core part. mounted on a long shaft which extends above and below it, which is mounted inside the Gyro Holder (using two bearings) and is used to spin the AR and WD inside the Bearing Gyros when a ripcord is inserted and pulled, just like Magical Ape MS's Gyro Mode. The shaft cannot be fitted to a regular launcher, however aside from the shaft it is a regular Spin Gear.

    • "Balance", the Gyro Holder, is a large plastic casing holding the rest of the Beyblade, as well as having a Tip and various frames to hold the top together. It is not legal for competitive play.


  • With an Attack Ring which has notable competitive use across a few different combination types, Bearing Gyros are a solid purchase but economically limited by the relatively large number of other Beyblades required to make the most effective use of that part. That said, now that they are more available than in the past, it could be a worthwhile purchase especially for the fun non-competitive features. After all, sick stunts are a worthy pursuit in their own right - competition is not the only aspect of Beyblade that we must consider, even here.