Driger G

  • AKA: Driger Gatling (Full Name)

Attack Ring: Triple Tiger

Weight: 6.3g

Right Spin:

    • Solid Smash Attack, less recoil than the size of its contact points suggest due to the fact they perfectly follow the beyblade's rotation (putting all of the Beyblade's force behind each hit), having roughly the same amount of recoil as Triple Wing.

    • Decent Upper Attack and Upward Smash, which can help make opponents more vulnerable to its smash attack.

    • Overhanging design means it is a good choice to compensate for tall bases like Customize Grip Base and Defense Grip Base (Attack Mode), making much more versatile combinations. This comes at the direct cost of general ineffectiveness against Circle Survivor Defense, however.

    • Generally appears to prefer high speed over more weight and is therefore one of the rare situations where Wide Survivor may be a better choice than Wide Defense as the Weight Disk.

    • Overall a fantastic Smash Attack and Traditional Upper Attack AR in this direction.

Left Spin:

    • Thick, pointed edges behind the heads provide main contact points.

    • Very recoil prone, but once controlled it is very powerful.

    • A very effective Smash Attack AR in this direction, though falling under the Hyper Aggressive category requiring strong recoil control.

    • Can suffer a bit against lower opponents due to the sloped underside.

Weight Disk: Ten Balance

Weight: 15.0g

  • Decent weight, with a compact yet edge-focussed distribution which makes for good all-around performance.

  • Thanks to the additional weight, the weight distribution provides a good mix of RPM maintenance/grinding and overall survival ability.

  • Generally outclassed by Wide Defense unless a more compact weight distribution is required. This is most noticeable in Compacts and Semi-Flat Base Stamina, where the compact weight distribution helps their stability and grinding ability while providing a little extra survival over mode compact options. However for compacts, the greater weight of Ten Heavy is generally preferred.

  • Overall a good part.

  • SonoKong G-Blade Mold (as opposed to their earlier mold) is generally very similar to the regular mold, meaning it can be used interchangeably.

Weight: 11.0g

    • More of a small flat tip rather than Semi-Flat, as the edges aren't bevelled.

    • Moderately aggressive movement, but not all that much.

    • Final Clutch Bases are generally better than First Clutch (which tend to break flower pattern or even Self-KO), only due to the chance of a desperate last minute attack which generally lacks the speed to do anything but sometimes even manages a loose flower pattern. Were the available bases less tall, this might have been useful with an Attack Ring like Square Edge, however Engine Gear setups are too tall to make use of it.

    • Overall though, a lighter and less bulky Normal Base (Wolborg 4 Version) or Normal Base (Rock Bison Version) is generally a better way to go unless you want to show off the EG Gimmick. In this case it is best to not wind the EG.

    • Right Engine Gear (Metal Flat) tends to do everything Metal Semi-Flat aims to do better, making it heavily outclassed.

    • Generally better than Left Engine Gear (Metal Semi-Flat) due to access to good overhanging ARs such as Triple Tiger.

Weight: 7.3g

    • First Clutch activates at start of battle. Slightly less self-destructive than Final Clutch because the Beyblade resists the destabilization caused by the Engine Gear's activation, instead it breaks flower pattern and sometimes self KO's.

  • Does not have the recoil issues of many EG Blade Bases due to lacking protrusions, though this also means it cannot compensate for the height of the Engine Gear for offensive Setups.

  • LAD is acceptable for an EG Blade Base but still not particularly good.

  • The only worthwhile CEW Parts are better served by a number of other bases - generally Normal Base (Wolborg 4 Version) and Normal Base (Rock Bison Version), as these are more compact, lighter (though this is one of the lighter EG Bases with a clutch), and allow for better LAD.

  • As such, serves little use, but still one of the better First Clutch Bases.


  • With an excellent Attack Ring, competitive Weight Disk, and decent uncustomized performance due to the Attack Ring compensating for the height of the Engine Gear setup, Driger G is an excellent Beyblade albeit not a must-have - especially now that it is not a dirt-cheap option as it was in the recent past.