G Special Base

Blade Base: G Special Base

Note: The Black version of this part is very fragile due to issues with the plastic (a case of "Gold Plastic Syndrome" in a non-gold part), and as such should not be used.

Weight: 4.6g plus up to four 3/16" Metal Balls (0.448g each)

    • Though the gimmick is the four small metal balls to add weight, G Special Base is still not a particularly heavy base, pockets serve mainly to wreck LAD.

    • Works with all standard SG's, however only SG (G Ball) allows retention of all 4 Metal Balls (other SGs spurs allow retention of 2 diagonally positioned balls, which causes some balance issues.

    • Tip (shared with SG Wing Base) provides rather aggressive movement pattern with good controllability, which made it popular as an Attack base when it was released, perhaps because this preceded Tornado Ridges, meaning less aggressive tips were advantageous due to the need to avoid Self-KO, and for its time the weight is decent especially with SG (G Ball)

    • Can be used for Compacts and even Upper Attack however the poor LAD limits its effectiveness severely.

    • Overall, not a useful part, but not terrible either.

    • It is legal to invert the tip, though this has negligible utility.

Ball Configurations:

  • G Special Base may be used with up 4 Balls, with the 4 being the main reason to use the Base at all and therefore the preferred option, though more than two restricts you to SG (G Ball).

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