SG Metal Flat Base


Blade Base: SG Metal Flat Base

Weight: 6.2g

    • Not a flat tip - in fact it is a sharp tip (very similar to Customize Metal Sharp Base) with a small portion of the cone cut off, making it a little smaller than a semi-flat tip.

    • Tip has good stamina, passable defense, and fairly limited movement - it moves in a loose flower pattern at most about 3/4 of the way to the ridge.

    • Unfortunately, it does behave like a sharper tip and as such has rather poor stability late in the match. Were the flat section just slightly wider, it would be stable enough to be a competitive, unfortunately this isn't the case

    • This stability issue means it falls into Tier 2 for compact bases, which is the only real use for it.

Notable Alternate Molds:

  • Earlier Hasbro versions supposedly had a sharp metal tip, making the Base significantly less effective due to the resulting poorer balance. However, the similarity of the tip shape to a sharp tip means it is likely this is an error on the part of bladers (like the conception that Hasbro changed the tip of Dragoon V to plastic - Takara's was plastic as well).

  • The prototype for the tip (which looks from the Spin Up Guide Books to have come close to production) was actually a Metal Flat (hence the name), and just a pole extending to the Magnecore and held in place by it, similar to Volcano Change Base. It is unknown why the tip shape was changed even with the loss of the gimmick.

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