Roller Attacker

Attack Ring: Roller Attack Ring

Weight: 4.2g

  • Right Spin Only

  • Gimmick is rollers on the AR – intended to reduce stamina/speed loss from hitting walls in tornado-ridge-less stadia.

  • Design is asymmetrical - on one side the section before the roller is raised, on the other it is depressed. These sections are thin, making the AR very breakage prone.

  • Asymmetrical design leads to poor balance, reducing its efficacy in, Defense and Survival which may otherwise be acceptable, if outclassed by Roller Defense Ring

  • Nonetheless, Right-Spin Zombie customizations using Wide Survivor (which protects it from its own recoil more effectively than Wide Defense) is generally the best use for the part.

  • Too much recoil for Compacts due to notches and large exposed face on one side

  • Small size defeats any use for offense, and poorly angled contact points mean that were it larger, it would still not be competitive.

  • Surprisingly usable on Gyro Engine Gear, while somewhat too recoil-prone to be a top tier choice, the small amount of attack combined with compact size, relatively light weight and small input from the rollers make it a viable, slightly more aggressive choice - however, this does not allow such setups to KO anything they cannot already outspin reliably with a more conservative AR.

  • Overall heavily outclassed.

Weight Disk: Balance

Weight: 14.1g

  • Light weight and unremarkable weight distribution.

  • Large points and wider shape lead to recoil concerns if it is hit, primarily relevant against lower opponents.

  • Heavily outclassed by later Weight Disks.

  • No competitive use.

Blade Base: Flat Base

Weight: 6.5g

    • Right Spin Only (Built in Spin Gear)

    • Very low height allows it to get under things but lack of compatibility with an Heavy Metal Core removes any use for Traditional Upper Attack.

    • Limited recoil control due to light weight and poor grip.

    • Somewhat difficult to flower pattern.

    • Decent LAD means it can be used to some effect similarly to a Semi-Flat Base Stamina setup, though due to its aggression it makes better use of Wide Defense - a viable setup would be this and a Compact or smaller-sized Defensive AR.

    • While this is not that competitive a setup, it is able to outspin a surprising number of opponents and KO weaker combos, thus giving Flat Base some semblance of use.

    • Overall not a great part, but usable.


  • Roller Attacker only has one unique part, it's AR, which is heavily outclassed and breakage prone, and its generic parts also have no competitive use. Roller Attacker is therefore only worth buying for collection purposes.

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