Wing Attacker

AKA: Wing-A (Stickers)

Attack Ring: Wing Attack Ring

Weight: 6.1g

  • Right Spin Only

  • Gimmick is spring-based wings which unfurl via centripetal motion.

  • Very fragile design, the force on the wing parts and the fact the are mounted on very thin parts of the AR means they often break off or snap the AR

  • Also has additional fixed contact points on its leading edges

  • Small size means the contact points are poorly exposed on Wide Weight Disks

  • Indirect hits cause the wings to fold inward instead of landing a solid hit as a fixed part would, and the rounded contact points only serve to exacerbate the issue.

  • Defensively it is better than Wing Defense Ring, but fragility is a concern when put in such a high-impact situation, and when used with anything smaller than Wide Defense its more recoil-heavy contact points are exposed, preventing serious defensive use.

  • Wing Attack Ring's small size even with its wings extended makes it very effective for Spin Stealing on Wide Survivor and Wide Defense. The wings create a grinding action with opponents, appearing to reduce recoil and allow effective spin stealing, making it surprisingly good at keeping contact with opponents to equalise spin.

  • As such, Wing Attack Ring comes directly out of left field as the most unexpected top-tier Right Spin Zombie Attack Ring (albeit a rather fragile one).

  • In addition, its offense is very respectable for a compact Attack Ring, and as such it is a very viable, if rather fragile Attack Ring on Compacts, as a more aggressive option. This mostly leaves it on Metal Change Base rather than the more passive bases, and benefits from the rare Metal Bit Chip or Bit Chip Figure/Power Spirits Bit Chip for extra recoil control.

  • Lastly, as a mix of these properties, it is a very solid Right-Spin choice for Spin Stealing Attack.

Mold Difference:

  • The Hasbro version of Wing Attack Ring is slightly thicker over the Wing section and has less molding cutaways underneath. The weight difference is marginal, and it is only slightly less fragile, but this version is generally preferable.

Weight Disk: Balance

Weight: 14.1g

  • Light weight and unremarkable weight distribution.

  • Large points and wider shape lead to recoil concerns if it is hit, primarily relevant against lower opponents.

  • Heavily outclassed by later Weight Disks.

  • No competitive use.

Blade Base: Semi-Flat Base

Weight: 7.2g

  • 4 Layer System Base with built in Right Spin Gear.

  • Lightweight

  • Usable Life After Death

  • A very stable tip with good stability and survival, making it a good Stamina part.

  • Commonly used in Survival combos with Ten Balance (as Wide Defense and Wide Survivor have issues with rotational recoil and stability on this base), these are best called Semi Flat Base Stamina Combinations, especially as Heavy-Series Weight Disks are also an option, the most famous of which is 10bBistool.

  • Outclassed by Zombie Base/SG setups, but still a reasonable option in most tournament situations as Semi Flat Base Stamina Combinations are able to beat most Tourney Filler. However, they lose to almost all competitive combinations and as such do not deserve the accolades they have received over the years.

  • There is an alternative mold used by certain Takara releases (notably Roller Defenser) which has a thinner tip, making it slightly less aggressive and providing slightly more survival. The difference is largely negligible in battle, however.


  • With a great AR and decent BB, Wing Attacker isn't a bad purchase, but there are better alternatives with fewer fragility issues.

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