Trident Vector

Attack Ring: Trident Vector

Weight: 5.4g

    • Extremely Aggressive design with numerous thick contact points on a very large Attack Ring.

    • High recoil in either spin direction

Right Spin:

    • Most contact points are very outward-angled, resulting in massive recoil.

    • Respectable power in spite of heavy rotational recoil, however even on the best recoil control setups the Beyblade often ends up flying backwards as or more often than its opponent.

    • Horrendous rotational recoil means it only gets one or two hits in before being out of spin. It is less awful than Cybernetic Dragon in this regard, but is also capable of the same violent disassembly on contact as that AR from time to time.

    • Despite its fearsome looks, Trident Vector is an example of the effects of bad contact point angles and how badly they can ruin a part - it is not a good part.

Left Spin:

    • Lower recoil than Right Spin, however it is still a very recoil-heavy AR.

    • In addition, in Left Spin Trident Vector packs much less power as the contact points are generally ineffective.

    • A mediocre choice at best in this direction.

Mold Differences:

  • The Hasbro version of Trident Vector, used in Ocean Wrath G, has somewhat smoothed out underside details. There is no significant performance difference, however.

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