Customize Grip

The standard grip for Plastics, the Customize Grip is a somewhat ergonomic grip with a wide range of attachments available, compatible with almost every Launcher Accessory. The variety of attachments make it quite popular with many users for comfort and customizability.
Numerous colours were released for special promotions and events, making them quite hard to keep track of.

Note: The Dark Green version of this grip is prone to Brittle Plastic Syndrome, similar to Japanese vesions of Draciel Metal Ball Defenser. As such, it should be treated delicately (especially as it can break in shipping) and is strongly not recommended for use as it tends to shatter when putting a launcher into it. The Gold Version may also suffer from the same, like Uriel 2.


Variants and Customization

Images in this gallery are kindly provided by maxxfishs

I am not sure how maxxfishs managed to not have this shatter when he put a launcher in it

The shade of gold you know and dread