SG Metal Flat Base (Gaia Dragoon V Version)

AKA: SG Metal Flat 2, SGMF2 (Fan names)

Weight: 5.4g

    • Metal tip of average width at a mid to low height

    • Very good speed, good manipulability, and fairly good control of regular recoil thanks to ability to catch the tornado ridge.

    • Low friction tip means ARs with heavy rotational recoil tend to bounce backwards (ie rotational recoil becomes regular recoil), resulting in lower power but less spin loss from hits (and therefore more hits over the course of the battle). In plastics this is largely detrimental (in MFB, Flash on Metal Flat uses this to situational advantage.)

    • Better survivability than plastic and rubber tips due to low friction design, meaning it can win via outspin after knocking opponents around enough to make them scrape or topple.

    • Lower height allows it to get under some opponents, but does mean combos using it have trouble hitting over Circle Survivor.

    • Properties combine to make it a competitive base for Smash Attack, and the only real option for a non-rubber tip Smash Attack Beyblade.

    • Can also be used for Compacts but is largely outclassed by Metal Change Tips, which offer better survival and defense ability, and the additional speed and aggression the metal flat tip offers rarely worthwhile for what is a relatively defensive type, and it tends to have poorer stamina than Metal Ball Base and SG Semi-Flat Base, relegating it to tier 2.

    • Also viable for Traditional Upper Attack, though it faces some competition here the additional stamina assists with outspinning after destabilisation.

Notable Mold Differences:

  • There are two molds of the tip - one of which is bevelled to a wide Semi-Flat shape, and the other completely flat. Due to the increased aggression, stability, and ability to cling to the Tornado Ridge, the completely flat version is preferred, but both are viable options.

Beyblades including this part


Bevelled Tip

Flat Tip