Wide Defense

Weight Disk: Wide Defense

Weight: 14.5g

  • Round, wide Weight Disk with 6 notches and one protrusion

  • The outer ring is as outwardly distributed as Ten Wide, however it is heavier (barring some heavier Ten Wides) and has lower recoil due to the rounded shape.

  • Single protrusion has some recoil but no more than the bumps on Ten-series Weight Disks, and the Weight Disk itself has lower recoil due to the rounded shape. It is still worth keeping in mind for Zombies that if there is an alignment with the AR that allows for it to be covered this is generally better than one which exposes it.

  • This recoil can deliver surprisingly hard hits to opponents, but nothing better than a dedicated Smash Attack Ring, especially as the single contact point makes it quite inconsistent.

  • Good weight and excellent weight distribution make it a top tier part for almost all types: Smash Attack, Spin Stealing Upper Attack, Traditional Upper Attack, Circle Survivor Defense, Defensive Zombies, Weight Based Defense, Zombies, Driger V2 Customs, and Force Smash. This makes it notable for being the most versatile part in the entire generation.

  • It even has use in Compact customization, primarily in Left Spin on Metal Change Base which has rather good LAD, allowing it to net outspins against Driger V2 combos and use the Weight Disk to KO certain Zombies.

  • While it appears less effective visually, it is roughly as effective as Wide Survivor for Spin Stealing due to better ability to maintain rotation, and performs vastly better in same-spin matchups. It does have noticeably worse Opposite-Spin performance in Zombie customizations, and will generally lose the head-to head, however, if using a more aggressive tip it can make up for this somewhat through aiming for KOs.

  • However, the LAD is worse than Wide Survivor, so on Bases where the Weight Disk touches the stadium as the Beyblade topples, it is heavily outclassed by Wide Survivor. However, with Customize Grip Base being the top contender for a practical Zombie Base and reducing this on many setups, generally Wide Defense is still an excellent choice.

  • For Attack, Ten Wides with similar weights are often better due to exposing most ARs Contact Points more effectively, but Wide Defense can reduce WD recoil which can be very helpful, and tends to be heavier on average.

  • For Circle Survivor Defense, Ten Heavy is usually preferred for greater inertia and more protection by sitting further back from Circle Survivor itself, especially as Circle Survivor already handles spin stealing and recoil control duties.

  • Overall, one of the few parts in Plastics that every Blader should own multiple copies of.

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