Weight Ring

Weight Disk: Weight Ring

Weight: 12.4g

    • A metal ring with 12 notches, only compatible with Hayate Base and Hayate Base (Hasbro) - also note that it counts as a Weight Disk thus cannot be squeezed onto other Beyblades legally.

    • Lightweight, and can spin a little freely which results in terrible inertia-related issues when launching and in battle, where hits to the weight disk can cause very heavy interruption to spin.

    • Nonetheless, it is technically not the lightest Weight Disk (that being the soft-edge mold of Eight Wide), and does have an extremely edge-focussed Weight Distribution, which does tend to aid the Hayate Bases to be somewhat less dismal than they might otherwise have been - after all, Mexico's champion for the World Championships did use Tiger Defenser on Hasbro's Hayate Base to win.

    • No real use, however.