SG (Free Shaft Version)

Spin Gear Casings: SG (Free Shaft Version)

Weight: 0.51g each (1.02g total) + 1 Bearing

  • Casings support a single bearing, comes with a Metal Bearing (Brass for the SonoKong version).

  • Can fit a number of shafts, main use is fitting SG (Full Auto Clutch Version)'s for using it outside of its own Base and thus with full Free Spin, making it more controllable.

  • This allows it to be used in Spin Stealing Attack Combinations, and is the main use of both parts - in fact, these setups are so effective that they can outclass traditional Zombie setups for LAD when used in Customize Grip Base, making them a rather formidable type to which these casings are crucial (unless using Full Auto Clutch Base, which tends to be less practical) - and this even results in such setups being usable as regular Zombies.

  • Other shafts which fit usually scrape against the casing, thus it is outclassed for other uses.

Beyblades including this part