Eight Spiker

Attack Ring: Eight Spiker

Weight: 4.3g

    • Eight decently exposed and well angled contact points for Left Spin providing Smash Attack and some Spike Attack from the serrations.

    • Power is somewhat low compared to other competitive Left Spin Smash Attack ARs, however this is offset by low recoil and solid consistency.

    • Very consistent due to the number of contact points and the fact it doesn't really have any "dead zones" - if it hits, it's generally hitting with a purpose-made contact point.

    • In addition, the recoil is quite low, adding to the consistency and making it a good choice for SG Metal Flat Base (Gaia Dragoon V Version).

    • Often considered the benchmark for Left Spin Smash Attack ARs, much like Triple Wing is for Right Spin, however the low power means it sits near the bottom of the top tier of ARs for this type.

    • Ineffective in Right Spin, having too much recoil and no offensive ability.