Number of Gear Teeth: 10
Number of Rotations (Dragon Winder):
Number of Rotations (Spring Winder): 5.5-5.75
Number of Rotations (Regular Winder):
Direction: Right

Description: The stock, standard classic launcher for plastics. Small, yet still large enough to get a decent hold on with good control. Technically outclassed in most aspects by the EZShooter Power Custom, but the sheer ubiquity of the EZShooter means it is considered the standard for testing and the most common launcher one must account for in tournament play.

Variants: There are a number of variations, shown below.

The first is the "No Guard" version which lacks a finger rest and is from various early releases - though often copied by fakes.

The second is the earlier Japan-made version with sharper molding and sharp-cornered prongs.

The third is another Japan made version with the same sharper molding, but with softer edged prongs.

The main version is the China version released by both Hasbro and Takara, which has more rounded prongs and will be the most familiar to the average blader. There are two variations with this, defined by the size of the CHINA text on the body and the length of the striations on the finger rest, as well as slightly narrower prongs.

There is also the SonoKong GBlade version from their G-Revolution releases, which is largely similar to the China version but manufactured in South Korea.

Three additional versions exist with more notable differences.

First is the SonoKong TopBlade (pre-GRev) version, which is slightly smaller to match the smaller size of these releases. This provides tighter prongs which can be a good or a bad thing depending on the Beyblade attached, and a shorter finger rest.

The SonoKong GBlade version is similar, with smaller prongs and a shorter finger rest but with an additional stylized "G" in the molding.

The third is the launcher released with MFB Electronic Tops Beyblades years later, which is simply an EZShooter with an additional cylinder molded in the centre of the prong section which acts as a spacer to prevent over-insertion. This can be good for spacing Beyblades on the launcher better, but could potentially cause Bit Sticker wear.

All versions have the same overall power.


No Guard

Pictures in this section provided by Dan of HMS DB

Made in Japan Hard Prong

Made in Japan Soft Prong

Made in China Long Striation

Made in China Short Striation

SonoKong TopBlade

SonoKong GBlade

MFB Electronic Tops