Bey Max Shooter

Number of Gear Teeth: 12 (with 2mm pitch)
Number of Rotations (BeyUltimate Winder):
Direction: Right

The Bey Max Shooter is a recolour of the BeyUltimate Shooter, themed after Draciel (hence the "Max" name - referring to Max the character and not "Maximum").

This launcher alongside the BeyUltimate Shooter and Main Unit uses a different ripcord to the standard EZShooter so while the gear has more teeth than other launchers, the smaller tooth pitch of the ripcord (resulting in a smaller gear, roughly equivalent to an 8-tooth gear like the Power Shooter), the ripcord length, smooth launch and minimal skipping allow these launchers to be launched much harder than a regular EZShooter, giving them perhaps the highest potential power of all launchers from the generation.

However, they are very large, bulky, and use exclusive ripcords, and require an under-hand grip on the ripcord for full strength which takes some getting used to. These factors along with the sheer power on tap can make it a little too easy to Self-KO with fast rubber tips like Defense Grip Base or Storm Grip Base in their inverted tip modes, but the RPM boost on somewhat slower combos and stamina is a nice advantage to have.

Overall, a somewhat awkward launcher that rewards practice and launch strength with the highest power output in the game.

Image courtesy of Neo from the WBO