Mountain Hammer

Attack Ring: Mountain Hammer

Weight: 6.0g

    • Despite defensive appearance, Mountain Hammer is a very aggressive AR

    • Strong Smash Attack in Right Spin, usable but not exceptional in Left

    • Quite recoil-prone (mainly rotational) but still works in regular Smash setups in Right, being about as powerful as Triple Wing with slightly more recoil.

    • With good recoil control it has power on par with Hyper Aggressive Smash ARs in Right, making it a truly excellent Smash Attack AR.

    • Less effective in Left Spin due to less power and more recoil, not competitive in this direction.

    • Elevated contact points make hitting lower opponents an issue on taller bases, but on these bases it is one of the more effective ARs against Circle Survivor Defense, as it often hits above Circle Survivor itself.

    • Minor use for very aggressive Compacts, but generally the recoil is too much and the elevated contact points cause issues.

    • Has good capability for Rotational Smash, and as such Ten Heavy becomes a viable Weight Disk for it if a Blade Base is fast enough to support it without major speed loss. This also allows its contact points to reach more effectively over Circle Survivor due to less WD interference. However, there are trade-offs to aggression when doing so and as such this is something for the individual Blader to see what they prefer.