RC Beyblades

Remote Control Beyblades were a range of Beyblades produced by both Hasbro and Takara, and additionally as part of the later Three Kingdoms line for the Chinese market.

The Blade Bases are not Tournament Legal however they all use Tournament Legal Attack Rings, including a unique mold of Driger V2's Upper Claw with the slopes moved upwards, as the Weight Disk area of RC Blade Base
s is too wide for it to fit over. The Hasbro-exclusive Driger G remedied this with a smaller ring for the AR to overhang. In addition, the Dragoon V2 RC Bey is Right Spin rather than the expected Left Spin, though the RC Dragoon G corrects this, making it the only Left-Spin RC Beyblade (and its launcher the only Left Spin RC Launcher).

The Hasbro exclusive Driger G and Draciel G are marketed as Engine Gear Beyblades, and the launchers have an additional button to increase power. While Hasbro described this as an additional motor, it is most likely just an increase of power to the existing motor. As mentioned above, these Bases have an additional layer to allow for overhanging ARs as well as a more complete round Blade Base, without the gaps, which provides better LAD and weigh significantly more than the original RC Beyblades, making them rather challenging for regular Beyblades to deal with.

These are mostly considered a collector piece or curiosity, however they could be a source of Eight Spiker and Triple Tiger, as well as being the only source of the unique Upper Claw (RC Version).




Note: Despite the names, the V Tops use the V2 ARs (i.e. Dragoon V2 and Dranzer V2). Hasbro apparently struggle with their own products. Even the later EU Exclusive recolours, while getting it correct on the box, still had the incorrect names on the launchers.

Romance of Three Kingdoms

Blade Base Teardown Shots

Hasbro version uses Triwing Screws, Takara use Phillips Head

Standard 1/3AAA NiMH 1.2V Battery. Replaceable.

FF-N20PA LN383708

Silicone protective cap.