Cross Dranzer

Attack Ring: Cross Dranzer

Weight: 5.0g

  • Decent all-around AR, with some recoil, but also some Smash and Upper Attack/Upward Smash, and a decent weight distribution for Survival.

  • Defense/stamina wise, not awful but again the recoil is bothersome. Wide Defense/Wide Survivor can help to a degree, but it is nonetheless very outclassed.

  • Greatest use for the part is in Spin-Stealing Attack combinations. While it lacks the low reach and aggression required to effectively knock out opponents that may outspin it, it does have better LAD than overhanging options due to it not interfering with precession. However, it is thoroughly outclassed in this regard by Gyro Defense, and is generally not powerful enough offensively to be a top-tier choice.

  • Identical performance in Left- and Right Spin.

Beyblades including this part