• AKA: Wolf (Stickers)

  • Note: Performance of Bearing-compatible parts assumes Shielded Metal Ball Bearings are used in all available positions.

  • This is the original Takara version of Wolborg. Due to significant performance differences, see Wolborg (Hasbro) for the Hasbro version.

Attack Ring: Reverse Wolf

Weight: 3.8g

  • Small, mostly round-edged 4-sided AR with contact points facing counter-clockwise, with two longer protrusions behind each wolf head that appear to exist solely to inhibit effective Spin Stealing.

Right Spin:

  • Acceptable for Spin-Stealing in this direction as the wolf heads have limited recoil and the protrusions which do cause it are angled backwards thus suffer less recoil.

  • Nonetheless, the high recoil that remains from those two points as well as the slightly worse profile of the heads mean it is not a competitive choice for Spin Stealing or defensive/compact purposes.

  • No use for attack due to the lack of viable contact points.

Left Spin:

  • The two protrusions cause significant recoil for Survival types, preventing any viable use here.

  • Contact points are not angled effectively for attack, and the range is too limited to be useful.

  • Some use for more aggressive Left-Spin compacts, but generally the design has too much recoil to be worthwhile here.

Weight Disk: Eight Balance

Weight: 14.1g

  • Middling weight and unremarkable weight distribution.

  • Outclassed by pretty much every common competitive Weight Disk, particularly Ten Balance. Heavier plated versions can sometimes reach the same weight however, which makes them an equal, if niche and impractical alternative.

  • Generally though, no competitive use.

Spin Gear: Right Spin Gear (Bearing Version)

Spin Gear Shells: Right Spin Gear Shells

Weight: 1.1g each (Shells) + 1.12g (Metal Weight Gear) (Optional)

  • Standard SG System Shells.

  • Incompatible with Neo Cores, and thus certain MagneSystem Blade Bases, though Wyborg's SG (Auto Change Version) SG Core Part can be used to allow use with some.`

  • Generally Neo Shells are preferred for their greater compatibility, mostly their ability to use Neo Cores. For Right Spin, this is particularly relevant with the Heavy Metal Core.

  • Generally uses a Metal Weight Gear with all compatible SG Cores. This gear helps reduce wobbling/rattling and adds a small amount of weight. It does not, however, work as a gear in any capacity.

  • Nonetheless, per BBA Survivor, BBA Attacker, BBA Defenser and BBA Balancer having Regular SGs but no Metal Weight Gear, it is not required for legality.

  • This allows Right Spin Gear Shells to produce the lightest SG setup in the game when using SG (Auto Change Version) and no metal Weight Gear.

Spin Gear Casings: SG (Bearing Version)

Weight: 0.66g each (1.3g total) plus 1 Bearing

Spin Gear Shaft: SG (Bearing Version) Shaft

Weight: 0.68g

  • Pointed shaft made of regular plastic.

  • Useful for Zombie customizations with its solid stamina, limited aggression, decent precession and bearing support.

  • Only particularly useful Casings are Bearing Base and SG (Bearing Version), the latter being the only Left-Spin compatible option.

  • Somewhat outclassed by Bearing Base Shaft due to higher friction versus that Shaft's POM material.

  • Stability is outclassed by Neo SG (Double Bearing Version) Shaft.

  • Nonetheless a very viable, relatively accessible part, though no better than the slightly duller Hasbro Version.

Mold Differences:

  • Aside from the Hasbro Version there is a second mold of this part which has a longer shaft, and thus does not fit into Bearing Base, often if not exclusively seen in the Mekki Blue version of Wolborg.

Blade Base: SG Bearing Base

Weight: 4.5g


  • Takara's Wolborg is generally outclassed in most areas (particularly by the Hasbro Version), however it is also a relatively accessible source of Zombie Spin Gear Parts (particularly Bearings), and its Casings are the only way to effectively use Bearing Base Shaft in Left Spin, the best non-aggressive Zombie setup. As such, should the Hasbro version be unavailable, Takara's Wolborg is a respectable addition to a Blader's collection.

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