Desert Sphinxer

  • The winner of the third Coro-Coro Design A Beyblade Competition, the winning design was made into a Coro-Coro limited Beyblade, this was the result.

Attack Ring: Ark Pyramid

Weight: 5.2g total

  • Triangular AR and Sub AR combination.

Core AR: Ark Pyramid

Weight: 4.0g

  • Three-Pointed AR with some usable contact points in Right and very little to work with in Left.

  • In Right Spin, it has competent but not particularly powerful Smash Attack.

  • Excessive recoil for Defense/Stamina in either spin direction.

  • No offensive ability in Left Spin.

  • Overall, not a competitive part, but more usable than the first glance might suggest.

Sub AR: Ark Pyramid SAR

Weight: 1.2g

  • Triangular protrusions add too much recoil for most Core ARs

  • Only useful with Dark Wing, as it stays out of the way quite well and doesn't disrupt the weight distribution, making it technically a competitive part - however Dark Wing comes with its own equally effective Sub AR for this purpose, making this somewhat niche.

  • Can be used with SG Wing Base to work with three-sided ARs, again being roughly comparable to Dark Wing SAR, but this usage is generally outclassed and the SAR can still scrape on the stadium floor.

Weight Disk: Ten Wide

Weight: 14.0g (Takara/Hasbro) | 14.3g (SonoKong G-Blade)

  • Moderately light weight

  • Outward weight distribution, though less so than Wide Defense and Wide Survivor.

  • Recoil means it is far less effective for spin stealing and survival than those weight disks

  • Still has plenty of use for Smash Attack, particularly with Attack Rings which are obstructed by Wide Defense.

  • Can still be used for spin stealing to decent effect with parts that compensate through LAD (Spiral Change Base/Full Auto Clutch Base etc) or by providing a buffer (Dragon Saucer SAR), but is still outclassed.

  • A number of SonoKong Ten Wide WD's from their G-Blade series have been recorded as being slightly above the average weight of Wide Defense, see the Ten Wide page for details.

Right Engine Gear (Circle Defenser) and Right Engine Gear (Mystery Cutter) are the same part, but given different names based on coming with different CEW Parts.

Weight: 6.9g

    • Regular right Engine Gear with a selection of usable tips: able to use Circle Defenser, Circle Survivor, and Mystery Cutter - see those pages for information on how it functions.

    • Circle Survivor is the only useful one, the other two suffer recoil and serve no real purpose.

    • Allows the use of bases other than Normal Base (Rock Bison Version) and Normal Base (Wolborg 4 Version) with Circle Survivor, as well as elevating the bulk of the combination.

    • The latter is the most relevant, providing a good boost to Circle Survivor Defense combinations - Normal Base (Wolborg 4 Version) is very low recoil and other bases generally make an easier target for attackers. The main advantage of elevation is it moves the WD and AR further out of the way of attackers, making hits against the top part (generally the primary weakness of Circle Survivor Defense) much less effective, increasing both Defense and Survival ability.

    • The other use is allowing the use of First Clutch Base (Zeus Version) with Circle Survivor, fixing the latter in place and creating one of the Heaviest SG+BB setups possible (roughly on par with SG Metal Ball Base with 4 Balls and a Heavy Metal Core). This creates a bulky, tall, round setup which has a mix of characteristics of Circle Survivor Defense and Weight Based Defense.

    • Lastly, has some use in a gimmick combination using Hasbro's Flying Defense, Wide Defense, Circle Defenser and a lower-recoil Final Clutch Base, as a counter to taller, more compact Circle Survivor Defense combinations (in particular using this very EG alongside Ten Heavy and Roller Defense Ring and other similarly thick ARs).

Weight: 7.4g

    • Very compact Final Clutch Base (being the same width as Normal Base (Wolborg 4 Version) but being a lot deeper.

    • Final Clutch does occasionally cause a late battle offensive push with flat tips, but generally the Beyblade is too low on rotational energy at this point to do anything of note, and with ARs that might help this such as Square Edge not being effective on such tall setups, this is generally ineffectual.

    • Nonetheless, this does make them more effective than First Clutch Bases. However, Normal Bases tend to be better simply for being less bulky, even though they generally don't make use of the Engine Gear mechanic.

    • Upper ring is perfectly circular, and while the triangle details do have some recoil, most Final Clutch Bases are worse. In addition, these details are mostly protected by Circle Survivor.

    • Arguably the best choice for Circle Survivor Defense as a result of these characteristics, being almost 2g heavier than Normal Base (Wolborg 4 Version) and Normal Base (Rock Bison Version) while being no easier for opponents to hit and increasing the compact-like weight distribution of the rest of the combo.

    • The fact it comes with a suitable engine gear (Right Engine Gear (Mystery Cutter)) for use with itself and Circle Survivor is a bonus.

    • This said, the performance increase over the two Normal Bases is fairly minor as the combination already has incredibly strong defense at that weight, thus it isn't a must have by any means, especially given its rarity.

CEW Part: Mystery Cutter

Weight: 2.9g plus 0.23g Clips

    • A semi-flat tip with a disk with various protrusions outward and downward.

    • Tip is a standard Semi-Flat, easily controlled with a semi-aggressive movement pattern.

    • While the protrusions outward generally don't make much contact, the downward protrusions scrape when the Beyblade begins to topple, ruining LAD.

    • Height causes issues with stability against other Beyblades, worsening this issue.

    • Overall, a heavily outclassed part.


  • While Desert Sphinxer does have multiple competitive parts, Ten Wide is available in numerous releases, Right Engine Gear (Mystery Cutter) is available in a much more common form, and the Blade Base, while technically perhaps the best for one of the strongest types on the game, is not a huge improvement over much more common and readily available parts. As a result of this and its usual going price, it is best left for collection, but is a decent buy price aside.