Defense Grip Base

Blade Base: Defense Grip Base

Weight: 6.1g

    • Two modes: Normal Mode is tip inserted from SG side of the base, for rubber sharp. Attack Mode is tip inserted upside down from below the base, giving a wide, flat rubber tip. This is considered legal for WBO Organized Play and does not breach any published rulings by Takara.

Defense/Normal Mode:

  • Rubber Sharp tip.

  • Rather recoily design with poor LAD.

  • In a light weight generation, the stamina issues of that tip design are even more prominent, and traditional attack combinations (those using Triple Wing and Cross Griffon for example, or those on Customize Grip Base Tip which has solid Stamina for a Rubber Tip) are often able to beat the stamina out of it to win by outspin. The presence of metal-tipped attack types and various balance types becomes a real issue for it.

  • The tip however does have exceptional grip and stays right in the centre of the stadium. It does require cleaning after each battle for efficacy however.

  • Much more effective in Same-Spin, like Rubber Sharp from MFB, though still quite hard to knock out in opposite spin.

  • Versus the Hyper-Aggressive Smash Attack opponents which are now more common, it is perhaps the hardest Blade Base of any to KO (much like Rubber Sharp in early-mid MFB), and does have enough stamina to outspin them unless they first hit it solidly then immediately proceed to tornado stall.

  • Overall, a very powerful defensive part when paired with a Heavy Metal Core, a low-recoil Attack Ring such as Tiger Defenser and Wide Defense or (though much more likely to be outspun for minimal defensive improvement) Ten Heavy.

  • As the Blade Base doesn't move, the AR has to disperse the force of every hit, which unfortunately leads to significant breakage risk.

Attack/Tip Inverted Mode:

  • Wide, flat rubber tip produces excellent speed. Tip is of average softness, providing solid if not exceptional recoil control, enough that even the most recoil prone Hyper Aggressive Smash Attack ARs are usable if not exceptional in all cases (in particular, the recoil-heavy Double Attacker as well as Seaborg's own Whale Attacker are significantly less reliable and somewhat less powerful than they are on setups using SG Grip Change Base's Tip).

  • Rather tall, which is the primary downside to this. However, this does allow non-overhanging ARs and particularly ARs with elevated contact points like Mountain Hammer to handle Circle Survivor Defense, the latter doing so with great reliability.

  • Able to use any non-gimmicked regular or Neo SG core, although for Smash Attack this isn't that sizeable an advantage, given the inertia from the higher speeds resulting from lighter SG cores tends to be more than is gained from the trade-off of speed which results from placing weight in the centre of the beyblade, though Attack Rings with sizeable rotational recoil such as (or perhaps particularly, seeing as it is by far the most noticeable case of this) Mountain Hammer sometimes benefit enough from the greater rotational inertia to at least make it a decent choice.

  • Cheap, common, not particularly fast-wearing, fast moving, with decent recoil control and ability to use both left and right spin gears and any non-gimmicked regular or Neo SG Core including a Heavy Metal Core - basically ideal aside from the height and poor shape.

  • The only superior tip, SG Grip Change Base Tip is only marginally so, wears much faster, is much more complex to use, usually costs 5-10x as much and is extremely hard to find. The wearing difference alone is more than enough to make Defense Grip Base much more sensible.

  • In addition, as Defense Grip Base can make use of a Heavy Metal Core, which SG Grip Change Base Tip cannot do without using the incredibly fragile SG Grip Change Base. As such, it is generally considered the "best" Attack Blade Base by sheer fact of its primary opponent suffering from a crippling manufacturing error.

  • Poor stamina and horrible LAD preclude use for Force Smash, disappointingly.

  • Can be slightly fragile around the Base Clip area due to its protrusions and tendency to suffer more severe UV damage.

Notable Alternate Molds:

  • The Hasbro Defense Grip Base, like their Storm Grip Base, has a flat side which lacks the raised section or hole in the centre of the Takara version, but also has a section of this part cut away, resulting in slight 'hopping' (like a milder version of MFB's Quake tip). While not really severe enough to make the part uncompetitive, Takara's version is greatly preferred.

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