SG (MG Spring Version)

Spin Gear Core: SG (MG Spring Version)

Weight: 3.8g

    • Jumping SG with a sharp tip, narrower than SG (Spring Version), and generally worse, with poor balance.

    • Has poor balance with most setups which only worsens when its gimmick activates, making it taller, worsening its balance and also throwing it off balance.

    • There is a magnet located in the tip section, however this has no effect on performance outside of Magne Stadia.

    • However, the shaft is better than SG (Spring Version) in the most critical way: It can extend in Jumping Base 2, which means it is required for competitive use of that Blade Base.

    • While its own shaft piece can be used in SG (Spring Version) if one finds one with a removable tip, the inverse is not true and will damage the tabs of that shaft if attempted. This setup provides a lower height for slightly better stability in Jumping Base 2 combinations.

    • Spring strength appears to vary across SG (MG Spring Version) and SG (Spring Version) examples. SG (MG Spring Version) generally comes with a stronger spring, though this is offset by the longer casing reducing tension somewhat.

    • Lower tension springs reduce the bounce strength, which helps avoid self-KOs on bounce sometimes, though with rulings no longer requiring the gimmick to be set this is of less concern.

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