Dragon Head

Attack Ring: Dragon Head

Weight: 2.6g

    • Right Spin Only.

    • Limited range makes it largely useless for attack.

    • Angles are quite good but contact points a little flat, resulting in some recoil.

    • Nonetheless, among 4-layer system ARs it is one of the better offensive choices as the angles are effective enough to give decent power despite its small size.

    • A second-tier choice for Compacts, providing a much more aggressive approach, however the recoil issues severely hurt the defense and survival aspects that make these combinations so potent - for this purpose even Panther Head is a better choice.

    • Can be used for Right-Spin Spin-Stealing on Wide Survivor due to its contact points being protected by the Weight Disk, however as soon as the Beyblade tilts the recoil starts to become an issue. It can also not be used effectively with Wide Defense due to that Weight Disk being too small in diameter to cover the contact points.

    • Fragile due to thin design.

    • No competitive use, but not awful.

Beyblades including this part