War Monkey

Attack Ring: War Monkey

Weight: 5.6g total (Mold 1 Core) | 6.3g total (Mold 2 Core)

Core AR: War Monkey

Weight: 3.7g (Mold 1) | 4.5g (Mold 2)

    • 4-Winged AR with monkey heads as the leading edge in left and protrusions in right.

Right Spin:

  • Unpleasant recoil in this direction from the angle and shape of the contact points preventing effective use for Defense/Survival and limiting it to Tier 2.

  • No offensive ability either due to the contact point shape and limited exposure (only enough for recoil), making it largely useless.

  • Can be used as a tier 2 option on Spin Stealers with Wide Defense and Wide Survivor, but is heavily outclassed by the often compared War Lion and even Hasbro's Twin Horn.

  • It is also an acceptable Attack Ring for Compact customizations, though tends to be more prone to being destabilised due to its elevation and width.

  • A viable choice for using Screw Zeus, exposing slopes for Upper Attack - though it does this less effectively than War Lion, it has much lower breakage risk.

Left Spin:

  • Low recoil in this direction due to the mostly rounded shape of the monkey heads. Not as low as Twin Horn but nonetheless excellent.

  • This low recoil and reasonably well obscured contact points makes it an excellent Survival Choice with Wide Defense and Wide Survivor, though it is somewhat less effective in Compact setups.

  • With smaller WDs like Ten Heavy the contact points are more exposed making it a poorer choice for Compacts than more compact ARs, but with its own SAR or Dragon Saucer SAR it is capable of taking hits well. War Lion SAR is also less effective here as a result of its reduced ability to cover contact points. It is nonetheless a top tier competitive option for Left Spin Weight-Based Defense (as limited as this type is) as well as Circle Survivor Defense, though it tends to be less effective than smaller choices here unless using Wide Survivor.

  • Its own SAR often covers its contact points very well, as well as working very well with Dragon Saucer SAR and on larger weight disks War Lion SAR is also a viable choice. While both Hasbro's Twin Horn is lower recoil and thus a slightly better choice if one wants an SAR, War Monkey performs excellently and is a top tier choice for Spin Stealers/Zombies/Survival and Defensive Zombies in this direction.

  • Greater coverage than War Lion (which has more exposure) makes it arguably a better defensive choice, though War Monkey is not useful for Compacts.

  • Long underrated and overshadowed by War Lion, War Monkey stands on its own as an excellent choice with advantages over the former.

  • Also usable with Screw Zeus here but offers no significant advantages over mode aggressive alternatives.

Notable Mold Differences:

  • Hasbro's War Monkey has a noticeably thicker Core AR, resulting in heavier overall weight. This may provide some small defensive benefit, though the impact is generally too small to measure by itself.

Weight: 1.9g

    • Relatively low recoil in either direction, though it should not be used in Right Spin with anything smaller than Wide Defense as it is more recoil laden here.

    • A very competitive choice with its own Core AR, as well as War Lion and Hasbro's Twin Horn.

    • Overall a top-tier choice particularly in Left Spin, with excellent synergy with its own AR in particular, though often overshadowed by Dragon Saucer SAR.

    • While Hasbro reinforced the Core AR, their Sub Ring remains the same as Takaras.

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