Smash Turtle

Attack Ring: Smash Turtle

Weight: 6.0g

  • Designed to wear down opponents' stamina throughout the battle - does this with the three protrusions on each wing, and the underside of its wings, which are angled upward to produce small force smash slopes that effectively destabilise opponents if used correctly.

  • Shape provides fairly solid Defense, though width results in a slight weakness to Upper Attack/other forms of destabilisation, and due to Force Smash slopes there are destabilisation issues against even flat opponents unless a higher RPM is maintained,

  • Weight Based Defense focuses on high weight and RPM maintenance and so is an excellent match for Smash Turtle.

  • In return, Smash Turtle greatly aids their ability to wear down opponents and outspin them, its width makes KO Launches easier and it has above average weight to boot. Overall one of the best choices for the type for versatility.

  • Does trade off some defense versus more conservative ARs such as Tiger Defenser but the versatility gain is generally worthwhile, especially as Weight Based Defense combinations often serve as Balance Types rather than purely defensive walls, and the difference to defense is relatively minor.

  • Mildly popular for all defensive types due to roundness, but generally outclassed by smaller ARs outside of Weight Based Defense due to lack of effective Spin Stealing for Defensive Zombies and being too large for Circle Survivor Defense.

  • Primary AR for Force Smash customizations, due to being one of the few effective implementations of Force Smash (by sheer merit of not overdoing it on the slope size).

  • Can also be used to push opponents into the range of the Blade Base on Engine Gear Attack Types to compensate for their height, though this is somewhat of a gimmick.

  • Overall an excellent and very unique part.

Beyblades including this part


Big shout out to Guardian Odin.