Circle Defenser

CEW Part: Circle Defenser

Weight: 4.0g plus 0.23g Clip

    • A large, low to the ground disk on a tall-ish flat tip with slightly bevelled/rounded edges (kind of a very wide semi-flat).

    • Tip shape is actually quite nice, allowing for well controlled movement and loose flower patterns, and catches the ridge well.

    • Is capable of absorbing hits to some degree, making it somewhat harder to KO, however the large recoil-laden protrusions (the trailing slopes would be better but there are no compatible Left-Spin EGs) mean that opposing Attackers are capable of knocking all of the spin out of the user (between rotational recoil and induced scraping from hitting it off-balance), resulting in even rubber-tipped attack types being capable of outspinning it.

    • Disk has generally poor LAD due to width, and spins out wildly if it scrapes.

    • Nonetheless it is technically okay at taking hits, and can occasionally pose an unexpected surprise in a tournament setting.

    • Has very niche use with Hasbro's version of Flying Defense and Final Clutch Bases as a counter to very specific Circle Survivor Defense combos (those using taller ARs such as Roller Defense Ring) where the height allows Flying Defense to scrape their top and interrupt their spin while Circle Defenser reduces Flying Defense's tendency to scrape. This allows for consistent OS as well as KO victories, however the setup is ineffective against pretty much every other combo, including other Circle Survivor combinations.

    • Overall an interesting part, but not truly competitive.

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