Long Bit Chip - Single Sided

Weight: 0.84g

  • Used in earlier releases, produced to deal with the tendencies of Short Bit Chips being lost after flying away from under their Bit Chip Cover or being unusable due to notch damage.

  • Heaviest long bit chip though the difference is marginal.

  • One side designed for a bit sticker.

  • Other side often has small indentations, mostly circular. There are some rare cases where they have the holes and raised areas for use with the DX Shooter series though this is usually found on Long Bit Chip - Single Sided with Inset Text. There are also late molds seen in Bakutenryu Etanzel for example which are Single Sided with two circular indentations centred side by side on the rear of the bit chip. Weight difference is negligible in all cases.