Bakutenryu Aveiron

  • AKA: Avairon (mistranslation), Aveiron (Fan), Bakutenryuu/Bakutenryū Aveiron (alternate spellings)

  • Attack Ring and Blade Base names are unconfirmed (they have no official names), names are selected based on the earliest release using them, Bakutenryu Zeo.

Attack Ring: Zeo Attack Ring

Weight: 4.5g

Right Spin:

    • Solid range and well exposed primary contact points in Right Spin deliver a lot of power with only moderate recoil, making it a competitive choice for Smash Attack in this direction.

    • While recoil isn't huge, Zeo Attack Ring still has excessive rotational recoil for Grip Base and is thus best used on Defense Grip Base (Tip Inverted) or SG Grip Change Base Tip setups.

    • Overall, an excellent choice for Right Spin Smash Attack

Left Spin:

    • Despite the better angle of various contact points in Left Spin, the primary contact points are less effective in this direction, leaving the Attack Ring lacking the power that makes it so effective in Right.

    • Overall, while it has some Smash Attack, it is not competitive in this spin direction.

Weight Disk: Ten Heavy

Weight: 16.1g

  • Heaviest legal Weight Disk.

  • Compact size and weight distribution makes it excellent defensively but not useful for Attack

  • Excellent for sustaining RPM – helps with defense, grinding, force smash, upper, and also defending against the last three.

  • Primary choice for Compacts, Traditional Upper Attack, Weight Defense, Circle Survivor Defense, and a competitive choice for Force Smash and Driger V2 combos.

  • With faster Attack Blade Bases (i.e. Defense Grip Base (Tip Inverted) and SG Grip Change Base Tip setups), Ten Heavy can be used without loss of speed, and its high weight becomes quite useful with Attack Rings such as Square Edge and Hayate Attack Ring, improving their rotational Smash characteristics however the reduction to the flywheel effect otherwise provided by Wide Defense or Ten Wide tends to result in more recoil KOs. It is nonetheless an acceptable option.

  • Overall a very versatile Weight Disk and a must-have part, outclassing both Heavy and Eight Heavy in all aspects, as well as being generally superior to Heavy Attack.

Blade Base: Zeo Base

Weight: 8.0g

    • Built in Right SG (Four Layer System style)

    • Flat tip with beveled edges. Flat area diameter is about half way between SG Semi-Flat Base and SG Flat Base - a wide semi flat tip.

    • Behaviour between SG Flat Base and SG Semi-Flat Base, not quite as controllable as SG Semi-Flat Base but with more aggression, making it a rather nice tip to use.

    • Large exhaust pipe details extend from the sides, which have some recoil (though they're rarely hit), and cause some scraping issues, though these are very minor due to the angle between the base and the stadium floor.

    • Overall, it is generally the best of the Hidden Spirit Bases, but still outclassed by the likes of SG Metal Flat Base (Gaia Dragoon V Version) and rubber-tipped attack bases.


  • With a very effective Attack Ring, a useful Weight Disk and an okay Blade Base, as well as a pretty neat Dragon figure and unique aesthetics (barring Bakutenryu Zeo, of course), Bakutenryu Aveiron is a good buy if found cheap. However, there are alternatives to each of its parts and it tends to be quite rare, so it is not really a must-have.

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