SG (Full Auto Clutch Version) Shaft

Weight: 1.70g

  • Flat metal tip on a bearing supported shaft creates a unique mix of aggression and stamina, though defense is fairly poor ranging from average with tips which expose it well to very poor with its original Blade Base.

  • Compatible with various casings, though few other than SG (Free Shaft Version) and SG (Full Auto Clutch Version) are used due to height.

  • With SG (Free Shaft Version) Casings, usable in almost all bases compatible with Shaft SG's, properties mean Defense Grip Base 2 is almost ubiquitous thanks to good distribution and excellent LAD, with Customize Bearing Base being runner up, with Customize Grip Base being an alternative which can use its rim for excellent LAD, but does struggle more at catching the ridge.

  • Free Spinning setups are somewhat less over-aggressive and significantly more controllable with banking practice, with better recoil absorption. With correct part choice, mixes of Attack and Spin Stealing are possible, this setup being the basis of Spin Stealing Attack customs.

  • Full Auto Clutch Base makes for a very aggressive combination which has some issues catching the ridge, weakening recoil control, however it does have superior early aggression and solid LAD, making a viable option for Spin Stealing Attack, though a slightly harder one to use. With this base, SG (Full Auto Clutch Version) is the best option for casings.

  • Can be used with Right Customize Gear (Free Shaft Version) which fixes it in place (usually requiring plain metal bearings or plastic bearings) by being a very tight squeeze to assemble. This results in a very aggressive metal flat-tipped Base. While largely outclassed by SG Metal Flat Base (Gaia Dragoon V Version) due to the latter's tighter flower patterns and greater controllability, it is nonetheless a very viable Tier 2 option.

  • As mentioned above, Customize Grip Base provides excellent LAD, and does so while being no easier to KO than a standard Zombie Setup with similarly excellent LAD (i.e. Neo SG (Double Bearing Version) Shaft in the same Base), and the excellent stability it provides makes it very effective against Circle Survivor Defense when using Zombie ARs - making it a legitimate top-tier Zombie Part.

  • Particularly notably, this setup is so stable it negates the stability troubles of Gyro Defense, allowing for an exceptional Left-Spin Zombie which also has the ability to KO defensively poorer opponents (though it does still struggle to catch the ridge somewhat), with Tiger Defenser being a viable Right-Spin alternative.

  • Can also be fixed in place by Double Bearing Core depending on the thickness of the bottom bearing (plastic bearings tend to allow more free spin), allowing it to be more aggressive. This can be useful if requiring SP or improved LAD without free spin, the primary use being in more offensively-focussed Driger V2 combos.

  • Overall a very unique and useful part.

Notable Mold Differences:

  • The Hasbro version of this part has a raised rim on the bottom of the tip as well as lacking the top platform of the tip section where the shaft enters. Despite these changes, there is minimal if any performance difference between it and the Takara version.

Beyblades including this part