First Clutch Base (Driger G Version)

Weight: 7.3g

    • First Clutch activates at start of battle. Slightly less self-destructive than Final Clutch because the Beyblade resists the destabilization caused by the Engine Gear's activation, instead it breaks flower pattern and sometimes self KO's.

  • Does not have the recoil issues of many EG Blade Bases due to lacking protrusions, though this also means it cannot compensate for the height of the Engine Gear for offensive Setups.

  • LAD is acceptable for an EG Blade Base but still not particularly good.

  • The only worthwhile CEW Parts are better served by a number of other bases - generally Normal Base (Wolborg 4 Version) and Normal Base (Rock Bison Version), as these are more compact, lighter (though this is one of the lighter EG Bases with a clutch), and allow for better LAD.

  • As such, serves little use, but still one of the better First Clutch Bases.

Beyblades including this part