First Clutch Base (Zeus Version)

Weight: 8.0g

    • A round-edged, heavy, Engine-Gear compatible Blade Base with a relatively good weight distribution and the heaviest weight for an Engine Gear Blade Base.

    • Good weight distribution, weight, and defensive design, but poor LAD which compromises most uses for the Base.

    • High weight and ability to fix Circle Survivor relatively in place with Right Engine Gear (Circle Defenser) or Right Engine Gear (Mystery Cutter) makes for a combination roughly as heavy as SG Metal Ball Base with 4 Metal Balls plus a Heavy Metal Core. This creates a well protected Weight Based Defense combination, albeit somewhat less versatile than other Weight Based Defense setups due to its height, though it is comparatively less compact.

    • It can also be used with Metal Driger's Right Spin Gear (Heavy Metal Core) to make a Weight Based Defense setup, though it is again hampered by poor stability and LAD, meaning the resulting combos tend to get outspun by most of the meta. Nonetheless, they do have defensive use in the rare case that one does not have access to a better setup but does have access to this part.

    • Outclassed on offensive setups (uncompetitive as they are) due to the bulk, size and existence of better alternatives, especially for Left Spin where First Clutch Base (Dragoon G Version) provides some offensive ability to compensate for the height.

    • Overall one of the better Engine Gear Bases, but not particularly useful.

Beyblades including this part