Dark Effigy G

  • Hasbro equivalent of Death Gargoyle. Uniquely for the Hasbro Engine Gear recreations of Beyblades, it has a different CEW to the tip of the Beyblade its parts are based on (Metal Driger), perhaps because Takara's Metal Driger never had an Engine Gear (though Hasbro's did).

Picture provided by Yblader1

Attack Ring: Genocide Circle

Weight: 5.9g

    • The aggressive gaps and contact points (both the poles of the wings and the heads/beaks), produce a lot of Recoil and some Smash Attack, however the wings make hits highly inconsistent due to having low recoil and no Smash Attack.

    • This means hits can either be reasonable power with high recoil or have no impact at all, making for very inconsistent performance.

    • It also has some slopes for Upper Attack in Right Spin, however these are shallow and have next to no effect on opponents, especially as their leading edge is obstructed by the odd pole-like extension at the front of each wing in this direction.

    • Only real use is that on Customize Grip Base it is able to outspin Circle Survivor Defense in some cases, however it generally has too much recoil to really do much other than this.

    • Basically, Genocide Circle's design thoroughly thwarts itself, resulting in a largely useless Attack Ring.

Weight Disk: Ten Heavy

Weight: 16.1g

  • Heaviest legal Weight Disk.

  • Compact size and weight distribution makes it excellent defensively but not useful for Attack

  • Excellent for sustaining RPM – helps with defense, grinding, force smash, upper, and also defending against the last three.

  • Primary choice for Compacts, Traditional Upper Attack, Weight Defense, Circle Survivor Defense, and a competitive choice for Force Smash and Driger V2 combos.

  • With faster Attack Blade Bases (i.e. Defense Grip Base (Tip Inverted) and SG Grip Change Base Tip setups), Ten Heavy can be used without loss of speed, and its high weight becomes quite useful with Attack Rings such as Square Edge and Hayate Attack Ring, improving their rotational Smash characteristics however the reduction to the flywheel effect otherwise provided by Wide Defense or Ten Wide tends to result in more recoil KOs. It is nonetheless an acceptable option.

  • Overall a very versatile Weight Disk and a must-have part, outclassing both Heavy and Eight Heavy in all aspects, as well as being generally superior to Heavy Attack.

Weight: 6.7g

    • A regular right-spin Engine Gear that uses Customize Engine Weights

    • The engine gear gimmick does very little of use - if it activates early it breaks flower pattern and sometimes self-KO's, if it activates late it causes major instability in most cases, and in the case of Attack Types where it can cause a late game burst of movement (albeit usually an ineffectual one), it lacks a suitable tip to work with.

    • You're usually better off not winding the SG, rendering it an excessively tall combo, prone to attacks from lower attackers and struggling to hit anything without using an overhanging AR such as Triple Tiger.

    • Sadly, the only rubber tipped CEW, Metal Grip, is quite slow without the speed of Left Engine Gear (Turbo), and the only Engine Gear tip that was actually decent for Attack, Right Engine Gear (Metal Flat), was never made into a CEW, rendering any offensive usage moot.

Weight: 6.9g

Customize Engine Weight: Metal Ball

Weight: 3.7g

    • Rather poor balance due to tall height and ball tip

    • Tends to skip over the tornado ridge too easily, resulting in limited defensive ability

    • While a niche use, it does allow Gyro Engine Gear to self right quite effectively, making it an acceptable CEW for the part.

    • Despite being the heaviest regular CEW, Circle Defenser and Circle Survivor both weight more, and the latter is more useful in every way. In addition, only Circle Survivor can produce a Base + SG setup capable of rivalling the weight of Heavy Metal Core-compatible Weight Based Defense setups.

    • Overall, not a useful part.


  • Dark Effigy G is decidedly a Beyblade for collectors, its greatest attribute being its rather unique-looking Attack Ring (which is coincidentally its only unique part, not counting the Takara release it is taken from), as its only competitive part, Ten Heavy, comes in a multitude of other, more competitive Beyblades - in particular Takara and Sonokong's releases of Metal Driger, which includes the same Blade Base, an actually useful SG Part (the unique Heavy Metal Core, which Hasbro never released), and a slightly less useless Attack Ring.